Welcome home! A reunion long in the making

It’s what we’ve said in my home each time someone leaves the room and comes back in. The arriving party receives an abundance of cheers, smiles and greetings from anyone within an earshot. Originally unintentional, the ‘welcome party’ has grown to provide a sense of comfort for us.

The entire process has been surreal. I’ve grown closer to the Father than I’ve ever been my entire life, and I’ve found my way back to Him. I spent so many years being everything to everyone else that I had nothing left for me.


You see, this isn’t your everyday welcoming party. I was just welcomed home from prison on December 8th, 2021.

Instead of being called by my name, or ‘mama’, ‘sis’ or ‘daughter’, I’ve been inmate #78951-061, and sometimes much worse, at Federal Medical Center Lexington Satellite Prison Camp.

I just honor, worship and glorify You Lord. Thank you for never leaving me.


Welcome home.

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